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Inside You'll Learn:

💜 Signs to recognize that you may be having a life crisis

💜 When your beliefs/values are not in alignment and how this can show up in your life

💜 What your personality type is and how it can help you get closer to your purpose

💜 The next steps you can take if you're ready to discover your life purpose and make a BIG change!

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Hey there! 

I'm Rejys Cowan, Spiritual Life Coach for women like you!

I focus on empowering women to get out of life crisis mode, pursue their dreams, and live a life of purpose without fear.  

I take a holistic approach by helping you identify your blocks and fears, create realistic goals, and gain the confidence you need to take inspired action. 

I am committed to helping women think for themselves and live their truths. 

"Your happiness is up to you."